Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm So Ready for Spring and Summer

Krisa as the Combat Fairy
This is the 5th wettest March on record for Oregon. The ground is so soggy that I can't mow my lawn for fear of sinking to my ankles in the soil. I'm so ready for warm and dry weather - I need to be able to shoot outside again. I hope to be shooting more landscapes and nature this year, but I'm also working on helping a couple of models get started on Zivity, so I do have a few glamour shoots planned for the warm weather.

One shoot I've got planned is a variation of the military glamour shoot with Krisa. We had a great time shooting the Combat Fairy, but I haven't shot her strictly for military glamour and I think that will be a great shoot. Although I've shot at least twice in the studio this winter, I really haven't been doing much photography at all. It's definitely time to get creative again. With any luck I'll get my wife in front of the camera for a couple of shoots as well.

I have a couple of other ideas planned as well, but I think I'll primarily be shooting landscapes this year. I haven't given up glamour and nudes totally, but I do need to stretch my horizons and this seems like a good way to do so.