Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh, Summer, where art thou?

I could really use some warm weather. Winter didn't seem all that long, but usually by now we've had some nice warm dry days to begin drying out and shaking the winter chill. But this year the cold wet weather has persisted well into April following the wettest March on record. It has become a bit drier during the last week, but it certainly hasn't warmed up which makes cleaning up the winter mess a lot less enjoyable that previous years.

On a good note, though, my knee surgery is scheduled and I should be well on the way to recovery by the time I am ready to do any summer shoots and in plenty of time to be walking well before Wanda takes her second trip to Arizona.

One benefit to all this rain should be some lush vegetation and bountiful blooms in early summer. Of course, it also means more work to clear the shooting areas (I'm assuming of course I'll be allowed to shoot at Dragonfly Landing again this summer), and more work at home as well. Still, when I can get shots like the one you see here, it's well worth it.