Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up, Yet Again

I had another shoot last weekend. Again, I shot we three new models I'd not shot with before. I managed to get some great shots and all three of the models were easy to shoot. This was the 2nd time I used the new studio, but I don't think it's going to work out in the long run as I can't get much time on the weekend due to another group booking the space out every Saturday at mid-day for the rest of the year. I've mentioned this to the owner of the space, but he doesn't seem inclined to do anything to ensure equity with regard to sharing the space, so I guess it's good thing that it's getting to be time for warm weather shooting.

Here are some shots from last weekend:

Jasmine in the Chair

Christy in Chains

Kristy in the Sorceress Lalr


DL-Wilson said...

I understand your wife being your favorite model, that should go without saying. As I looked through some of your previous year's posts I see you also have a wonderful family. As any good father you also seem to love shooting their pictures also. All this is as it should be. My question for you though is, if we exclude family as it is a given #1, who would be your favorite model? My guess would be Gabriel, but that is based only on the quantity on photos I have noticed of her. I would be interested in your choice and reasoning.

Keep up the good work and take care of those children.

Mark said...

My favorite model? That's a tough one. Gabriel is one of my favorites, but she's also currently not the most reliable. My favorites change with what I'm shooting and how well they fit my current projects. Audi is great fun to shoot and has a terrific attitude - she's always happy and ready to shoot any project. Kira is by far the best with poses and her lean, athletic body makes her perfect for shoots that require a "warrior" look. Kim K. has the most beautiful Asian face and can pull off exotic with the best of them. Krisa has gorgeous curves, a lovely face, and a friend as well as model. The bottom line is, other than my wife, I have no one favorite model and I enjoy working with all the lovely ladies I've been fortunate enough to shoot with over the years. They all have their strengths and I really choose whether I work with them on a particular project based on their compatibility with the vision I have for that project. Thanks for the excellent question.