Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Agony (and no Ectasy)

Charlie Kristine
Well somehow last week I managed to wrench my left knee. I don't know what I did--the pain was minor on Monday, but by Friday I could hardly walk and wound up visiting the doctor for steroid injections in the knee (a very painful experience in and of itself). This is sad, because I had hoped to shoot my Winter Fairy session this week, but there's no way I'd be able to tromp around in the snow, not matter how beautiful or scantily clad the model is.

I'm sure I'll get a couple of shoots in soon despite the knee and it does appear to be on the mend - or at least the ibuprofen and the Vicodin the doctor prescribed are kicking in finally.  I did have some studio time scheduled in hopes that I'd be able to work on a couple of different projects, but I cancelled that and will instead work on post processing some of the images from my last two shoots. You can see one of those to the left, but there are quite a number of models that I can choose from the last three months. So, I don't lack for creative opportunities.

Still, it will be good when we finally get some decent weather around here and I can get back outside for some shoots.  Summer seems far away give the cold and wet days we've been having so far. Spring has officially started, but the only signs of it here are a few daffodils and some budding hydrangeas. The sun certainly hasn't made its presence know and all the models I've chatted with recent are just as eagerly awaiting its warmth.

Fortunately, I have a couple of business trips coming up that will be taking me to warmer climes for a week or two. I'm certain I'll be taking along a camera.


DL-Wilson said...

I know 1st hand the problems with knee pain having had two surgeries on my left knee. Sounds like you need to relocate to a warmer climate so you can finish your photo shoot. Try Arizona sometime, you can have the sun and the snow within a couple of hours drive of each other and not live with the snow. The Greater Phoenix area is great in the "winter" season, but hotter the Hades in the summer.

Good luck with your knee healing.

Mark said...

Oh, it will heal eventually, or I'll probably have surgery on it like I had on my right knee a couple of years ago.

Relocating to a warmer place isn't going to happen - at least not for a while, but I do have family (my son and his family) in the Phoenix area, and I usually have about 4 - 6 business trips there a year, so I know what it's like in July! :)

Thanks for the wishes.

Charles said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. My problem is my back. I did a number on it a couple of weeks ago. It was good enough I went on a shoot down in the Corvallis area. The snow we found was not good for it though and I re-injured it.

I did three shoots in the past 2 weeks. All outside. Two of them involved nudity, and some form of water (the river in one and snow in the other). Yes the models are VERY ready for warmer weather around here.

Mark said...

I have no doubts about that, Charles. It's been too wet and cold for me to even contemplate shooting outside. I'm definitely waiting for warmer weather.