Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Pinup Day 9

Well, we're almost to the end of our countdown. Tonight's lovely lady is Nixi with whom I've just recently started shooting this month. Nixi is fairly new to modeling and we did our first shoot in the studio. In fact, she's not had time or opportunity to review the images from the shoot yet as our schedules have not yet meshed well enough to get together again.

Nixi has studied and participated in theater and so has experience in providing expressions for an audience. We worked well together, I think, and with a future session or two under our belts we'll have all the kinks worked out with our directions and posing.

Nixi brought along a friend to the shoot who is also interested in shooting with me, and so we'll probably be able to stage a sword fight for a future shoot. I've done that twice before in the studio, but I'd like to attempt a shoot outside where the models will have more room to move and interact without the need to stay within the framework of the backdrop.

Here's a final shot of Nixi for this iteration of the countdown. Enjoy!

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