Monday, November 15, 2010

Leave a Comment

By my calculations, I may have a grand total of 5 regular readers of this blog. That's as many as I can determine from the followers list and from the comments that I occasionally get, as well as the three friends I know for a fact who check out my writings from time to time. I enjoy writing, and I'll probably continue to write about my interests in photography and the various shoots I do, but it would also be helpful to me if I knew the size and the interests of my audience, as small as it might be.

So, I'm asking for a boon from my readers. Leave me a comment. Let me know if you do, in fact, read this blog on any kind of a routine or recurring basis. If you do, what type of entries interest you and what would you like to see more of here. Also, is there anything that bores you to tears and you'd just as soon never read about again.

This blog is useful to me because it provides me a creative outlet for combining my photography with writing, but I'd like to make it useful for readers as well, if it isn't already. So, leave that comment, or if you prefer, shoot me an e-mail, because I'd really love some feedback and it doesn't matter who you are (model, photographer or just a casual reader) or what you have to say (even if you think my writing and photography suck), let me know. :)


Anonymous said...

I come here often to read your blog. I like to read about your shoots and you interactions with the models as well as how your ideas for shoots developed.

Tim and April said...

I enjoy hearing your take on your shoots, on set up thoughts at the time what your intent was and the models you use . The details in your shoots your going for as your pictures come to life. I personally am a total amature photographer and not much of a wrighter , but hearing the thoughts and perspective of you is very interesting and does add like hearing about wine from its maker. My personal shoots I find out of 1000 pictures Ill find one or too Ive taken that I think are amazing often not what I thought out or was going for , although I do not publish ,Its truly interesting to see how thought out your shoots are and does help to inspire. If you truly want to see your readership and could be very suprised you may try google analytics it is part of your google account and you can easily tack it into your blog or blogs , it will track down to the city and time spent on your blog as well as what was viewed for how long if it was clicked on what search words were used and more. I and my wife do a travel blog just for fun (awfully written by me)and I was utterly amazed to see the people quite litterally from around the world who have seen and see it every week, over 900 people this year ,2500 views and not one comment. I find your shoots, use of location and attire as well as props to be quite thought provoking and do very much enjoy your narrative. ps please for give the wrighting ,like I said i do lack in that department.

Rick Crampton said...

Very nice work. Creative, good colour and composition.

Hubby to RasJane said...

OK so I know I have been a bit sparse as of late, and I still owe you a coffee. I've been keeping up with your goings-on through your blog, meanwhile I have been neglecting my own blog. Sometimes things happen in our lives that we don't expect and it throws us for a while.

I admire you for keeping up with your art and your passion with little feedback from the community you write for. We are here, we read, we learn and we admire.

Take care. If the holiday season does not get to crazy I'll get you the coffee I owe you.

Triplemoon - Marcus and Bridge said...

Hey – you know we watch all your blogs faithfully. We both really enjoy reading about your experiences and sharing in our mutual interests of beauty and artistry through photography. We will always look forward to more!