Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Images

My good friend Mark K. from Florence on the Southern Oregon Coast just moved from a Pentax DSLR system to a Canon 7D. With, what I presume is his new camera, he posted a stunning set of low key images of a favorite model that we both use from time to time. He has more access to her than I do and is better than me at capturing her unique beauty. He really captured the light, tamed it, and bent it to his will. You can see some of the images here if you have  Deviant Art membership: Tripmoon on Deviant Art.

Mark has a great eye for composition and for putting his models into interesting and seductive poses. It certainly doesn't hurt that his primary model is a limber and beautiful woman, but he definitely supplements her beauty with his control of light and shadow. He and his lovely model are coming to Portland for a weekend and I'm wondering if I ought to reserve some studio time for us to play with while they're up. Photography just for the fun of it - for experimenting - for trying different lenses and techniques, such as infrared light painting just to see what we get. That would be an interesting and entertaining evening in my opinion.

While Mark was attempting low key images, I was trying my hand at high key images. I think his low keys were more successful than my high key - he at least had the advantage of a model that was at his heck and call and with he'd worked with many times in the past, whereas this was my first shoot with this model in this studio. Excuses aside, I do think my efforts were credible,

I think it would be great fun to get both our models into the studio for an afternoon of experimentation - I'd like to try light painting for a change. The results of that can be quite unpredictable and part of the fun is finding interesting "brushes" to shoot with. That's certainly and idea I'll have to run buy them before they head up to town.

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Triplemoon - Marcus and Bridge said...

You are way too kind! I'd love to come up to Portland to shoot a model or two... I think B would like it as well. I'm in need of some more Canon related advice.