Thursday, January 7, 2010

Samurai Warrior

Okay, maybe not a true samurai, but Cathy sure makes these chains and swords look good. I've shot with her several times, but this was our first studio shoot together. Unfortunately, she only had about an hour to shoot with me, so we had to work fast and didn't get in very many costume changes. I had intended for her to pose with the two black sai that I had acquired for the shoot, but we simply ran out of time (she had to get back to her studies as she had a big test coming up).

Cathy is a beginning model and as such is more modest than most of my other models. The chain mail top came in handy in this case as it allowed her to pose and be comfortable while staying within the theme of the shoot. The blue katana sword keeps well with the theme. Had Cathy been a little less modest and if she had had a bit more time, I think the shot would have been even better if we had used the Ice-Flame Blue Ice body chain sets. The blue crystals set into the silver chains would have been a great match for Cathy's skin color as well as as the background and the sword. Unfortunately, I don't have a chain mail top or g-string for that particular costume.

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