Thursday, January 14, 2010


The weather here is getting to me a bit. It's not been cold, but it has been gray, windy and quite wet and not at all conducive for photography. I've been concentrating on post processing images from my last big photo shoot, but between work (my real job) and family it's been difficult to find much free time for that. Still, I've gotten a few more processed and at least some others identified for the processing que.

To the right, we have the quite lovely Nicole. This was my first shoot with her and I have to say she provided me with some great images. Nicole has a very expressive face and can pose with an elegant grace that belies her youth and experience.

I think she enjoyed this shoot nearly as much as I did. We had been shooting for well over 2 hours, but when I told I had plenty of images to select from and we could quit if she wanted, she politely declined and continued to pose for me since the next model was still getting into makeup and costume. She is an eager and collaborative model, and very fun to shoot.

During our shoot, I think she went through about a half dozen of the weapons I had acquired for the session. I particularly like the shots with the battle axe, but the other weapons worked just great too. The make-up artist, Lexxi, did a great job too, especially with the eyes. The image to the left is from the sorcery portion of the shoot, and as you can see, Nicole was brave enough to wear the more exotic chains provided for the shoot. This chain set is called the Raven Ensemble and features black and silver chains with an intricate weave. I've used this chain set for several shoots now, and it really works well for this theme.

The image below is also from the sorcery portion of the shoot and show the matching chain sandals that go with the outfit. The backdrop is black velvet with "fantasy cloth" lit by red gels.  I opened the barn doors on the background light to camera left to allow some of the red light to spill onto the sorceress's table, but angled the door enough to keep the light from spilling onto the model herself to maintain her fair complexion which went so well with this particular set up and costume.

Nicole has told me she hopes to work with me on the outdoor portions of my Sword & Sorcery shoot, and I look forward to working with her again.

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