Saturday, January 2, 2010

More of the Sword and Sorcery Project

On New Year's Eve, on of the models from my Sword & Sorcery shoot came to my office to review her photos. It's an option that I offer all of my models who shoot with me in exchange for images. Some take me up on the offer while others are content to let me choose the images that best reflect their participation in the shoot. Melanie had worked with me before on my Fire Fairy shoot and had let me choose her images for shoot, but this time she wanted to look at them all and choose some herself. This also gave me an opportunity to explain to her how I would edit the images to better reflect what I wanted to do with the project.

One image she particularly liked had her reclining with the sword following the curve of her body. I probably won't use it for publication in my project, but I think it's a lovely image and provides a good example of the lighting and the set that was used for the project.

The other image uses a different backdrop and weapons set, as you can see in the image to the right. The black sai worked well as a contrast against the model's skin and the gold tone of the body jewelry provides an elegant counterpoint to the black weapons. We did several more shots with the black sai and the gold body jewelry, but I haven't yet processed the images that Melanie picked for her portfolio. They are next on my list after I finish processing the images of Vanessa who was first on my list.

One final image is a variation of a shot that I've posted here before, but it's a lovely image and I don't think anyone would mind seeing it again. When Melanie asked me to participate in this shoot, she asked if she could bring a friend along to shoot as well. Jenn and Melanie worked well together, as you can see from the shot below and I hope to work several more times with both of these ladies in 2010.

And here's one final image that I've complete processing from this set:

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