Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the Woods

This is Amy, my Woodland Pixie. You should be able to tell from this image that she is tall and slender with naturally brown hair. She is a bit of a nature's child, and as such, had just the look for this particular shoot.

It was pretty chilly in the woods where we held this photo session, but Amy posed for nearly two hours with only short breaks to wrap up in a blanket while I changed lenses. By the time we finished the shoot, her teeth were chattering and her lips were a bit blue.

The image was lit primarily by natural light with a reflector for fill and a touch of flash. We actually had to move around the glade quite a bit chasing the sun with the reflector since we shot later in the day and the sun was falling pretty quickly and the canopy was quite thick.

Unfortunately, Amy moved to Idaho shortly after this shoot, so I haven't been able to work with her since, but she did tell me that if she came back to the area for a visit she would get in touch with me so we could plan a new shoot.

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