Thursday, November 19, 2009

Site Move

I'm in the processing of moving my personal website,, to a new server. The server I'm currently hosting it on will be shut down at the end of this month, so I'm moving to a new web hosting company. The move should be transparent to the 3 of you who read this blog on a regular basis, but in the event that it's not, I'll warn you that some of the images here are hosted on my site and may disappear for a bit until the name server properly propagates the directory changes. That shouldn't happen as I paralled the sites prior to submitting the change request, but then, you never know.

I had a great shoot this past weekend. I was able to work with 8 models and a make-up artist (MUA) for a series of shoots with a Sword & Sorcery theme. The shoot took a full two days. Both days we started shooting around 11 am and didn't finish shooting until around midnight.

The shoot took place in the studio I share with 3 other photographers in Cathedral Park Place in St. Johns. The goal was to shoot the models both as a warrior and as a sorceress using poses inspired by the works of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Luis Royo, Michael Whelan and others. The models were very inspired by the theme and loved posing with the various swords and edged weapons, and especially the chain mail costumes I acquired for the shoot.

We used several backdrops throughout the shoot as well, but tried to keep the set and the lighting fairly simple. I think it was pretty effective.

In several instances the models overlapped each other and I was able to shoot two models interacting together as in this image of a sorceress and her slave seen here to the right. There was also a few staged sword fights which the models enjoyed shooting. Some of the girls have a pretty risqué sense of humor. I'll definitely need to post a shot of Ashley balancing a skull on her head in a future posting. She was hilarious.

I also got Krisa to come out for a shoot, despite being 7 months pregnant. We both had a lot of fun shooting her as a pregnant swords-woman.

When the warm month return, I'll be shooting with most of the same models again, but this time I'll be shooting them in outdoor settings over the course of the summer months utilizing the same outfits and swords that we used in the studio. I think we're all looking forward to it.