Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Body Jewelry

I like to use body jewelry in my images. I just like the way that chains, rings, charms and other objects look against skin. As I've done more projects over the last few years, I've purchased a number of pieces that work will with my glamour and fantasy project. A couple of years ago, I found a company, Chain Mail and More, that sells lovely products that are designed and manufactured directly by the artists. They have quite a variety of products, and though I haven't had anything custom made, I suspect for the right price, they would produce a custom piece for an interested customer.

One of my favorite pieces is called the Ice Flame Body Chain and I've used it for a number of shoots:

The Water Fairy

The River Fairy:

and this image from a recent shoot are good examples of this piece:

And they sell many smaller and larger pieces that can be combined to enhance costumes, such as the Diamond Waist Chain and the Barefoot Sandals in this shoot.

I recently purchased several other pieces from this company and I plan to use them for several shoots this year.