Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Planning

Detailed planning contributes to great shoots. I learned that lesson in 2008 and I hope to build on it in 2009.

I'm planning all my 2009 photo shoots. 2008 was a most productive year for me photographically, both in my personal projects as well as my family projects. By my rough count I worked with 16 models for about 20 separate shoots over the course of the year. This isn't including all the family photo shoots I conducted. Indeed, one of my projects which I hope will lead to a book publication within the next 1 - 2 years, is going quite well. I have been working with some very nice, lovely and stable models lately. Some of my other models are a little less stable and seem unwilling to take directions well, but I love the images just as much from them as I do from my more mature and professional models.

You can read about my 2008 year in photography here in the post below.

The two little problem models are Jocelyn and Ryker who are cousins and born just a little more than a month apart. They're my latest granddaughter and my first grandson. So 2009 will keep my camera busy, no matter what other projects I'm able to start and finish. And they can always provide a bit of stress relief. If some of my other shoots go poorly, I can at least count on these two to give me a big old slobberly smile which can immediately light up my heart, just like hugs from their bigger sibling and cousin.

Anyway, I'm working on my 2009 project plans. I have several shoots I intend to complete this year. There are at least three or four to be done in January and February, two that I'm planning toward the middle to end of March, and another 6 over the course of the summer, and an additional 4 in the fall. This is, of course, if all goes well and I get enough models willing to work within my budget.

So, what are these projects? Well you can read about them all here:

Mark's Current Projects

If there are any of you that want to help with the project - photo assistant, 2nd camera, Makeup Artist or Stylist, model or csotume designer, let me know and make me a pitch. Any of these could be a fun project and I'm looking for some creative minds to work with during the year. Let's all create some art together.