Thursday, March 13, 2008

Deviant Art

My friend, Mark, who lives up on the mountain, got me interested in the deviantART website. It's an interesting site where people can share their art and creativity. It's more than just a photography site as there is a wide variety of artistic endeavors showcased on the site. People share sketches, writings, poetry, computer graphics, and even lyrics to songs they've written. I find that it's quite refreshing to read more about the creative aspects of art than the technical aspects that I find on most photography forums.

I've uploaded a number of my photos and graphic art experiments there, and have received a fairly enthusiastic response, so I'm quite likely to keep posting and contributing there, and I hope to make a few new online friends as well. Some of the people that post there are just beyond talented, and I'm sure I can learn quite a lot from them.

The photo above seems to be a favorite of many on that site and has been "collected" by several folks who seem to think it's a good example of pinup photography which is an area of photographic interest I'm currently pursuing.

If you are an artist in any media, you should probably check the site out if you haven't already done so. You may find something there you like as well as a new outlet for your creativity.

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