Friday, October 19, 2007


Most people love to photograph sunsets, and they can certainly be beautiful, but often the shots turn out to be very clichéd. The key to sunsets, I believe, is to find something different or unusual about the sunset - the weather conditions, the activity, the terrain - or anything to make the sunset just a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary.

For me, a photograph of a sunset can vary in tone and the feeling it evokes. For example, this sunset is soft and puts me in a contemplative mood:

Pacific Coast Sunset during a storm

While this sunset has a slightly different nuance to it:

Sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii

Sunsets can wonderful variations of colors such as these two from the Caribbean Sea:

Two views of sunset as seen from the deck of the USS Fury

Sometimes with the sun goes down one color predominates and sets a mood or tone that's almost scary in it's intensity:

Death Valley Sunset

Sometimes sunsets can be very, very wierd:

Iridescent Sunset in Las Vegas

Or they can be very, very subtle in color and tone, yet still be beautiful and evoke feelings of quiet solitude:

Dusk in Death Valley

Sometimes sunsets can provide a feeling of serenity:

Oregon Sunset

While other sunsets can provide a sense of fun:

Sunset Surfer, Big Island, Hawaii

Sunset Riders, Las Vegas, Nevada

Outrigger Canoe Team Practice, Hawaii

Sometimes beautiful sunsets show up when you least expect them:

Two view of sunset in Maupin, Oregon

But no matter what, when you see a lovely sunset, you should take time to enjoy it with someone special.

A couple enjoying sunset on the island of Kauai


Mad Gringo said...

Mark - those are AMAZING!!

Perfect for going slow. . .

Mark said...

Thanks. Hope they inspire others to slow down and take a look at sunsets in a different way.